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Nikolai Kolev-Bosiya (1951-)

Studied Russian Philology at Sofia University. Persecutedfor his political convictions and was sent to prison, the sond time without any indictment.

Nikolai Kolev-Bosiya
Three square meters

(from the Detention Ward at Stara Zagora 17.3.89.)






What is the meaning of



three into 2?






A bed of onions—



to the farmer. The



frightful world— to



the baby. The last



home— to the old









To me, however, it means a



cell scratched over, a life



catalogue of merry and sad



rhymes, desires, destinies



and just a cry.






A bedstead of



rough timber, a



sagging worn-out



mattress which can



never hear a



panting moaning



woman's voice.

translated from Bulgarian

Belin Tonchev

Last modified: November 15, 1997