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Nikolai Kolev-Bosiya (1951-)

Studied Russian Philology at Sofia University. Persecutedfor his political convictions and was sent to prison, the sond time without any indictment.

Nikolai Kolev-Bosiya
  In the dark

It hurts when I open my eyes to

see the roots of trees growing

upwards. Oh, yes, it hurts, it

hurts so much to see the tender

leaves feeding ravenous roots.

I grind my teeth when I see

office dogs chase a panther

with tail tucked in for fear. I

cry out with anger for I just

can't take it as redemption for

original sin.

I am astonished that brute force has

defeated thought. I cry frantically and

ask: What kind of story is this? Why

instead of the promised freedom did I get

a 'unified citizens' number'? UCN

5105047560 Christ, am I looking at it

from a headstand? Or through a


Or perhaps it's a

nightmare about the day

of my slow daily dying!

translated from Bulgarian

Belin Tonchev

Last modified: November 15, 1997