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Nikolai Kolev-Bosiya (1951-)

Studied Russian Philology at Sofia University. Persecutedfor his political convictions and was sent to prison, the sond time without any indictment.

Nikolai Kolev-Bosiya



I'm painting a little black



cross on my forehead so



that the enemy can take



better aim. I don't advertise



my absence of fear. I know



that the killer would not



understand. He would just



draw a dot on the bull's eye



and his level finger would



pull the trigger. A hole



would gape open in the



smashed forehead, in the



middle of that noble Cross



of the Bible. Then I would



take from the thick pulp



some thought and blood,



some brains and a cry and



with it I'd paint the dire



picture of life, and with it,



I'd write my tenderest poem.

translated from Bulgarian

Belin Tonchev

Last modified: November 15, 1997