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Petya Doubarova

Studied at an English language school in her native town of Bourgas. Her five books of poems published posthumously are 'Me and the Sea' (1980 and 1981), 'Poetry' (1984, 'Sparrow' (1987), and the "Bluest Magic' (1988). Her death in 1979 cut short a life path of purity, sensitivity, and distinction. It was a tragic reaction toher first brutal attempt on behalf of her surroundings to invade her world of refinement.

petya doubarova




 On chilly nights, when drunk on rum,



sleep wallows in my attic room,



the moon grows darker from its sins,



when, strangled upon night's sharp rim,



right there—above me—fear hangs,



it's then I offer my pale hand



to you—you strange and furtive man



so handsome, swarthy, wild and tame,



and only nineteen years this fall,



but having seen and knowing all,



with your own independent creed,



yet searching for me—mine indeed,



and having fallen, wept and erred,



but your boyish tenderness preserved—



to take my domineering hand:



I make you brave, feel more a man.



We'll wash the moon of sin. Come, dear



, we'll rid ourselves of the corpse of fear,



and with the voice of a ship we'll blast—



the kind, night voice of my Bourgas.



And when the night backs with the moon



and when the sun showers treasure down,



then having outgrown your fantasy



you'll set off smiling, next to me.

translated from Bulgarian

Belin Tonchev

Last modified: November 15, 1997