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Vladimir Levchev (1957-)

The one who never returns (Nevazvrashtenets)*






Every minute



has its multimillion cities



and skies,



clouds illuminated in a second,



sunset-lit windows.



Every minute



has its secret corridors



leading to dark rooms.






Who lives there?



What would we say to each other?



How would we live together?



I'll never know!






Every minute



like a nevazvrashtenets



I pass by the countless doors



of etemal life…









We are guilty, my soul,



guilty of knowing about our solitude,



about the end.



We are guilty.






And we are expelled from paradise.



The clock with its two swords



does not let us retum



through the doors of minutes



into Etemity.
* Nevazvrashtenets means literally: 'One who never returns', a refugee who has left his country without official permission, especially for political reasons, and who is unable to return home because he would be persecuted there.

translated from Bulgarian

Belin Tonchev

Last modified: December 6, 1997