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Irina Yordanova (1961-)

Studied journalism at St. Kliment Okhridski University in Sofia. Works as reporter for 'Democracy.' Member of the Society of Free Journalists in Bulgaria.

Irina Yordanova


I dreamed I had a parrot

I was teaching to speak.

And when it had learnt the language

it started to coin new words.

But it created a word so large

that it stuck fast in the little beak.

And the parrot suffocated.


I dreamed I was in love with a dolphin

and I was teaching it to speak.

But after a serious talk he swallowed the weight of words.

He sank never to reappear.


I dreamed I had a child

and it was teaching me to speak.

And as it grew it climbed rostra after rostra.

Then the same hands that had applauded it

threw it into the air and it fell—crushed.

I started to speak but the child was no longer mine.


I dreamed that

I was speaking to myself . . .

translated from Bulgarian

Belin Tonchev

Last modified: November 21, 1997