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Valentina Radinska

Graduated in Moscow and is the author of three books of poems. Her third book entitled 'No!' demonstrates her incompatibility with the totalitarian social structures. She works as an editor for Bulgarian Cinematography.

Valentina Radinska

All Souls' Day

The snow chases me at every turn.

The wind roams treacherous and stealthy.

I feel a terrible pain inside me-burning.

and that is why I've come to you, my friend.

I live quite normally, you know,

a life both painful and beautiful.

It hurts so much to lose a friend,

to call your agony Love.

So I just burn the midnight oil,

as usual-hands dug into hair,

as usual tough poems plague me,

as usual I tear them up in the end.

The old venomous reflections choke me,

I feel the burden of barren boring days,

a dull black echo wanders in my blood

and nowhere can I find any comfort.

And darkness falls even more unyielding,

the only path can hardly be seen.

Tell me the truth now! . . . I demand it.

Yet your grave, sunk into snow, stays silent.

translated from Bulgarian

Belin Tonchev

Last modified: December 6, 1997