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Valentina Radinska

Graduated in Moscow and is the author of three books of poems. Her third book entitled 'No!' demonstrates her incompatibility with the totalitarian social structures. She works as an editor for Bulgarian Cinematography.

Valentina Radinska




In Night's demolished house



you weep so gently, Love.



And stars beneath the sky-high ceiling



like golden spiders spin



a hundred delicate cobwebs



to catch your tears . . .



So once again, Love,



there are smoking ruins about you.



The wing of a grasshopper,



the leg of a butterfly



stir slightly in the still airó



reached in a second



by a black heron's feather.



It's their night ride to you, Loveó



those wrecks of dreams and memories



and the lap of waves that wash



the feet of trees in blossom.



Night's demolished house



may never be dwelt in . . .



Sleep, Love . . . Fragile crickets glimmer



with invulnerable music.



The Night's not over yet, it's still



among the leaves of trees,



among bird feathers



and in the black foundations of the house . . .



I know



it will be built again by crickets,



fireflies will hold a light for them,



star spiders will join them.



And once again there will be



a black heron's feather,



a grasshopper's wing,



a butterfly's leg,



a rose petal with yellow pollen



and many others, invisible and light,



all built within.



And no one (but you, Love),



no one will remember



Night's demolished house.

translated from Bulgarian

Belin Tonchev

Last modified: December 6, 1997