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Volen Siderov (1956-)

An external student of Bulgarian Philology at St. Kliment Okhridski University of Sofia and is acting editor-in-chief for 'Democracy' (Demokratzya) - a newspaper of the Union of Democratic Forces in Bulgaria. He also works as an editor for the independet magazine 'Time' (Vreme), and his poems have apperead in all the independent literray magazines. He is member of the Society for the Protection of Human Rights.

Volen Siderov
Waking up



I feel the same old shivers creeping



When the morning comes to visit me.



The same old sunrise, the same old sunset,



Especially when we cannot see them.



Thoughts, artificially inseminated,



Fill up the incubator of grey cells;



With my tongue hanging out from the teeth



I keep the air draft busy-in my sleep.



Sometimes a dream steals uninvited



Into that unanimous same-old-thingness



Just to be met by shouts of "Stop thief!"



And is quickly buried under stones.



Emerging slowly from our sleep,



Lime rotting tree-trunks from a slough,



We see the windows barred from the outside,



Done long ago and on the sly.



We go on breathing out of habit-



Well, that's the purpose of lips,



They move at the command of the nerves,



Like a resounding rail which wakens



The concentration camp for a roll-call

translated from Bulgarian

Belin Tonchev

Last modified: December 10, 1997