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Peyo Yavorov

Born in Chirpan, interrupted early education in Plovidv because health and financial problems. Self-educated, and after moving to Sofia held many professions. Become a guerilla fighter in Macedonia and fought with Goce Delchev until the 1903 death of the last one. During this period, Populism, Socialism, and revolutionary pathos flavored his poetry. Latre he was associated with the National Library and National Theater. From this period originate the plays V polite na Vitosha (In the Foothills of Vitosha) i Kogato grqm udari - kak ehoto zagluhva (The Lighning Strikes: The Thunder Dies Away).

Yavorov personal tragedy revolved about two women. Eventually, he comited suicide after both of them tragically died.

Na Lora/To Lora


Dushata mi e ston. Dushata mi e zov.

My soul - a moan. My soul - a cry.

Zashtoto az sqm ptica ustrelena:

Because I'm a bleeding dove,

na smqrt e moyata dusha ranena,

I'm shot to death, my soul will die,

na smqrt ranena ot lyubov...

I'm shot to death by Love...

Dushata mi e ston. Dushata mi e zov.

My soul will cry. My soul will weep.

Kajete mi: shto znachat sreshta i razlqka?

Why do we meet so tender,but part so rough?

I eto, az vi dumam: ima ad i mqka -

I tell you, there is hell and sorrow deep,

i v mqkata - lyubov!

And in the sorrow - love!


Mirajite sa blizo-pqtyat e dalek.

The mirages-so close. The road-afar it seems,

Uchudeno zasmyana jizneradost

You wondrous and full of life,

na nevedenie i alchna mladost

Of innocence and youthful strife

na znoyna plqt i prizrak lek!

of passion wild...You - ghost of dreams

Mirajite sa blizo-pqtya e dalek.

The mirages-so close. The road-afar it seems,

zashtoto tya stoi v siyanie pred mene,

because, she is in front of me - in rays,

stoi, ala ne chue koy zove i stene

she stands, without hearing who weeps and prays -

tya - plqt i prizrak lek!

she - flesh and ghost of dreams.

Last modified: September 22, 1997