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Peyo Yavorov

Born in Chirpan, interrupted early education in Plovidv because health and financial problems. Self-educated, and after moving to Sofia held many professions. Become a guerilla fighter in Macedonia and fought with Goce Delchev until the 1903 death of the last one. During this period, Populism, Socialism, and revolutionary pathos flavored his poetry. Latre he was associated with the National Library and National Theater. From this period originate the plays V polite na Vitosha (In the Foothills of Vitosha) i Kogato grqm udari - kak ehoto zagluhva (The Lighning Strikes: The Thunder Dies Away).

Yavorov personal tragedy revolved about two women. Eventually, he comited suicide after both of them tragically died.

Na Nivata/On The Field


Nedey dochakva i zori

Do not be waiting for the dawn,

vqrvi ori, ori, ori...

Go out and plaugh, plough, plough on...

Kato nyama prokopsiya,

There is no good to tell,

plyul sqm v taya orisiya

So let it go to hell!

Nemignal, stavay: ey mesec oshte

You haven't blinked, the moon's asleep

nasred nebeto, dqlboka nosht e

Up in the sky, the night is deep,

glavata tegne, a sqn ochite

Your head is heavy, your eyes with clay

zalepya syakash. Kakvo e vreme?

Are shut together. No time to sit!

Velikden ide, pak oran, seme,

Easter's close, and plaugh and seed

zemyata chaka, nijat se dnite.

The earth is waiting - day after day.

Po-skoro, hayde! che da se styaga

C'mon, move on! 'Cause see, the neighbour

sqseda, chuvash, i toy se styaga

Is also ready for heavy labour.

Izlezesh, idesh, v zemya korava

And out you go, in freezing earth

napqnesh ralo, halosash vola...

You push the plaugh, you hit and hurt

Mqglata noshtna zatqne v dola,

The poor cow... A foggy night

ogree slqnce i chak togava

Sinks in the valley, and then you might

za otdih spresh,

Rest shortly, stop,

a svyast se viy -

Head spinning so...

i pak poglej:

You can't just drop.

Diy... Diy, vole, diy!

Go... Go, sucker, go!


S trqnak i plevel se bori

If all the thorns and weeds allow,

vesden ori, ori, ori...

Go out and plough, plough, plough...

Kato nyama prokopsiya,

There is no good to tell

plyul sqm v taya orisiya

So let it go to hell!

Nastane utro, gori poleto

The morning comes, the sky's in fire

cvetya mirishat, ehti poleto:

And flowers make up the fields' attire

ovchar zasviril, stada zableli,

The sheppard plays, the herd is moving

po vsichki hrasti pilci zapeli.

And birds are singin' so fuckin' groovy.

I gledash, slushash, ne znam dosadno

You look and listen, you don't know why

zashto ti stane: ih opustyalo!

You got the blues: and damn it, God!

V gqrdite neshto taka zayalo,

Something inside you just wanna cry

che krqv zastiva v sqrceto stradno...

And freezing blood's choking the heart.

Ruchok dohajda i slqnce-plamqk

The noon arives, the cool is gone,

prejurya, pali dqrvo i kamqk;

Sun-fire's burning the trees, the stone.

a v pot vqzvryala gori snagata

You sweat like hell - so hot inside,

da karash veche kqde ti mozhe?

Can't go no more - you gotta abort,

I krqst izpravish naj-setne, Boje,

You grab your back and get up - Lord!

pa vzemesh gladen zavchas torbata

And in a hurry you take a bite.

I luchec ej,

Just drink a coke

vodica piy -

And eat that doe!

I pak poglej!

You spit and choke...

Diy... Diy, vole, diy...

Go... Go, sucker, go.


Do groba slqnce te gori

The sun will burn you 'til the grave.

i vse ori, ori, ori...

You plough, plough, plough - like slave...

Kato nyama prokopsiya,

There is no good to tell,

plyul sqm v taya orisiya!

So let it go to hell.

Doma se vrqshtash okapal veche

You come back home, call it a day,

po kqsna vecher i otdaleche

And some commotion, from far away,

zachuesh v selo i plach, i vryava...

You hear then. But what the hell

Kakvo shte bqde? - nedoumyava

In your place goes - you could not tell.

kratuna prosta; a vij, izliza

And later on, you know and fear,

che birnik carski doshel e dneska

'Cause asshole-taxman has come to clear

i siromasi - trese gi treska

Your empty pockets. The folks - in fever

Ne vzema samo ot golo riza,

"He'll take it all, that stinkin' evil!"

dete ot mayka!" - tqy vseki duma,

That's all you hear, that's all the talk,

I shte pomislish, che bie gluma

And you're thinking - it's just a joke!

"Da gotvish tolkoz!" O-ho, v glavata

"To work like crazy". If you could rub

pocheshesh li se tqy na ednqjki

Your head and turn that falling lice

pari da padat namesto vqshki!

Straight into money to pay the price!..

I smyatash, mislish - do mehanata.

You think, and think - right to the pub

Tam, kolko shtesh,

There get some drinks,

na vyara piy,

'Cause, buddy-Joe,

che to poglej

Life trully stinks!

Diy... Diy, vole, diy...

Go... Go, sucker, go!


* * *


Taka si mresh,

That's how we die,

taka sme niy,

I'm saying so,

taka - poglej!

And I don't lie!

Diy... Diy, krasta, diy!

Go... Go, fucker, go!

Last modified: September 22, 1997