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Petko Rachev Slaveyhov

Poet, folklorist, journalist, political leader, tribune of the people-Petko Rachev Slaveykov (1827-1895) was all of these. The father of Pencho Slaveybov was, following the liberation of Bulgaria, a politician and a states-man. His use of the Bulgarian vernacular marks a turning point in the literature and culture of the country. "For the People" is, in effect, the poet's own story. It was written about 1880.


For the People

Ideals were what I went by-

Everything else I reckoned a wrong,

Possessing them, I ignored even myself,

In the world, I saw not the world.

All the time I watched over others,

Right, I told myself, it must be right,

My own works I delayed-

Other's I did first.

I lived my life in love with the people,

With misfortunes all the more....

It can be seen I am the people's-

Hungry, thirsty, barefoot and naked.

Last modified: November 24, 1997